Here are some of the web design projects I am currently envolved in and have worked on in the past.


I am currently working with RiffTrax.com creating all of the visual content for their web site including Product "Posters" for thier Riffs (which can be viewed in the Photography/Photo Manipulation & Illustration sections)

RiffTrax Web Site

Below are some examples of some of the many banners.

HulkMissile 2 Moon Boscos



HomeWarehouse.com was an e-commerce company who not only supplied the public with all there home improvement supplies, but also provided useful information including; a team of on-hand home improvement professionals, animated how-to projects, tips, an illustrated dictionary, product reviews and some of the best customer service on the Internet. My work on the site included icons, banners, illustrations and animation (some of which can be viewed in the Illustration/Technical Illustration and Animation sections of this site). The site was so successful, that it was quickly scooped up by WalMart.com, in the hopes that it could turn around Wal Mart's failed attempts to create an e-commerce presence.

Technical IllustrationTechnical IllustrationTechnical Illustration

Below is one of many 'How-To' animations produced as part of Homewarehouse.com's on-line 'How-To' series, which featured many projects. This one demonstrates how to install a phone jack.

***You will need to down load the Flash player to properly view the following animations.***

How-To Anim.



Walmart.com purchased Homewarehouse.com and I was envolved in the re-design of their site. My work for WalMart.com also included icons, banners, illustrations and general page design.

Walmart Examlpes

Walmart Examlpes



I have also designed sites for Dan Wiles Entertainment, and a cafe/diner in San Diego called, 'The Big Kitchen' including all graphic elements.

Big Kitchen Examples



I have also designed the site including all graphic elements for *Baubles & Beads showcasing there store and various classes that are available. Baubles & Beads is a family owned and operated business and have been serving the bead community since 1991. There goal is to provide there customers with a vast collection of beads in a well-organized and creative environment.

Baubles & Beads Examples


DreamRealm link

One of my first personal projects was a company called Dream Realm Studios. Dream Realm Studios was a team of production and design professionals with a common goal. That goal was to provide a range of production services including web development and graphic design with an artistic touch. We organized a group of creative individuals with a variety of talents, including; Illustration, Design, Animation, Computer Graphics and Multimedia development, Photography and Audio Production. Together we were a creative collective that encompassed all artistic forms.

Dream Realm Examples